Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nutty Caramel Sauce

So I spent the day in Santa Monica/Venice Beach yesterday with my best friend. I decided to make us food instead of buying food that'll make us feel like crap after. Protein ice cream for breakfast, quinoa salad for lunch, and sliced apples with my nutty caramel sauce for dinner(ish).

This sauce is so good, I decided to make more of it for myself today (and Pumpkin, he goes bananas over anything sweet, like bananas). This is great for anyone who wants a sugar kick but doesn't want to eat refined sugar, and much better than some liquid sugar with brown dye #2 and caramel flavoring.

-2 large handfuls of dates
-1/4 cup cashews (or any other type of nut/seed)
-splash of coconut milk

1. Throw in dates, cashews, and coconut milk in high speed blender (hello my lovely Vitamix).

2. Blend on high for several minutes, scraping down sides every so often, adding more coconut milk if wanting a thinner consistency (I like mine having a bit of crunch from the cashews).

3. Eat with sliced apples, celery, chocolate, on its own.

Enjoy it in your mouth!

Pumpky munching away on nom noms.

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