Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chia smoothies

I LOVE chia seeds! I regret that I never had a chia pet in my youth, but I discovered them some time ago and just always want to eat them. I put a few scoops in coconut water as an omega/electrolyte filled drink. And in smoothies they always thicken up.

-1 cup greens (kale and spinach are my favorite)
-1 cup frozen berries (I use blueberries)
-splash of coconut milk
-2 scoops chia seeds
-2-3 tablespoons cocoa powder
-2-3 tablespoons stevia or 6-8 dates
-2 frozen bananas
-2 tablespoons gogi berries
-splash of noni juice

1. Blend all ingredients together
2. Top with gogi berries, berries, and/or coconut.

Enjoy in your mouth!

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