Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Raw stuffed peppers

I love to stuff my food from zucchini, to mushrooms, to peppers. Raw and cooked. But cooking does require time, and when I'm hungry, I'm not going to wait anxiously for my food to cook. Obviously I lack patience, until fed.

-2 large bell peppers
-1 avocado
-1 large tomato
-1 small cucumber
-2 tablespoons sprouted red lentils
-lemon juice
-cayenne pepper
-Himalayan salt
-black pepper

1. Cut bell peppers in half and de seed.
2. Mash avocados with fork in bowl.
3. Dice avocado and tomato.
4. Add lemon juice, cayenne, pepper, and salt to taste.
5. Scoop into peppers.

Enjoy it in your mouth!

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